Skin Cancer is the #1 cancer in the United States and on the rise! Melanoma is the #1 cancer in young white American women today.  


• Melanoma is a malignancy (cancer) of melanocytes, occurs in skin and other areas.

• The 3rd  most common skin cancer after basal and squamous cell cancer.

• Melanoma is one of the most dangerous tumors since it has the ability to spread or metastasize to any organ including the brain and heart. 

• One person dies every hour from Melanoma. 


You are more at risk if you've had sunburns, lots of sun exposure, used tanning beds (even once), lots of moles, a personal history of skin cancer, family history of Melanoma. 


• Protect your skin with sunscreen, UV clothing, seek shade, wear a hat.  Apply Sunscreen 30-50 SPF every AM all year long and reapply often. 

• Know your skin by looking for changes, use a mirror for tough to see areas. 

• Know the signs of possible Melanoma, ABCDE

Irregular COLORS
Different DIAMETER
Big or Small EVOLVING Changing

Evolving is an important one.  Recent studies show chronic itching of a mole can be an early sign of Melanoma.  See your primary care physician or skin specialists. 

Get a spot check or full body skin exam this month and learn more.

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