Acne is the most common skin problem known - currently affects 60 million Americans.


• If affects men, women and children of all ages.

• Some people are born with the gene and will suffer from it no matter what.

• Almost all teenagers get some pimples at sometime.

• Common during puberty as oil glands come to life.

• Men and women with hormonal changes.


• Increase oil production and dead cells on the skin lead to clogged pores and bacteria build up.

• Worsened by hormones, certain medications, diet (high glycemic index sugar), stress.


First steps to prevent and treat.

1) Wash your face two times a day.

2) Find over the counter products.

• Benzyl Peroxide Wash - Panoxyl (can bleach clothes if left on)

• "Noncomedogenic" make up or products

• Use daily sunscreen that helps acne - Elta MD - Clear at Velum Skin & Laser Center. Cetaphil oil control and others.

• Remove make up and dirt from face nightly.

• Shower after exercise.

• Avoid picking or touching face.

3) Vitamin D in food or supplement at least 400 units a day. 

4) OTC Acne control products available at Velum Skin & Laser Center.

5) Consider a facial chemical peel, light therapy or a quick injection for acute pimple.

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